Technology Transfer

When you partner with Cambrex, you can feel confident about your project progressing between stages and facilities with ease. We take a proactive approach to drug product tech transfer and apply our expertise, agility, and broad capabilities to advance your product seamlessly through every stage of development and manufacturing.

Scale-up and Site Transfer

When partnering with a client on a pharmaceutical tech transfer project, Cambrex takes the position that the initial development and manufacturing approach may not have sufficiently challenged all the key parameters, including the raw materials, the product attributes, and the process. To avoid any knowledge gaps, Cambrex may perform all the design and development work needed to produce the customer’s product and demonstrate qualitative and quantitative equivalence between the new and existing products. For customers who need to change their manufacturing supply chain for an existing product, Cambrex’s experienced staff can manage all aspects of the technology transfer process.

Our Expertise

At Cambrex, your product will have a dedicated project manager to ensure a smooth drug product tech transfer. Our project managers are technical experts, providing full and consistent support to each product’s progress. If an internal site transfer is necessary, our specialists will frequently travel to the receiving site to ensure a seamless transition. This makes transfers faster and more efficient. The tech transfer skills and experience within our team are supplemented with ongoing training, support, and continued professional development.

Benefits of Seamless Transfers

Our customers benefit from the cost and time savings realized with a comprehensive approach that combines the technology, equipment, and scientific and engineering expertise needed to manufacture a high-quality product.